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Vong Bun Heng Rice Co., Ltd is a 1984 started rice mill upgrading our business to be one of the largest profession export standard rice mill in Cambodia.

In 1984 : We established rice mill at Orussey market block in Cambodia. Our business was buying, selling and milling rice
In 1996 : All rice mills had to move out from the city Phnom Penh due to our government affaire, so we had to. However, we did not stop our business. We decided to establish another rice mill at suburb Chamka Dong.
In 2003 : success in our business and the increasing in market demand, we decided to upgrade our machinery by equipping it with a new modern technology set having capacity to produce 5 Tons/ hour of white rice.
In 2008 : We equipped more machinery for exporting and supplying to many other rice exporters and dealers due to the increasing in market demand, especially, exporting market.
In 2011 : Be a potential and good reputation rice supplier both local and export market, we decided to establish another new set of 15 tons/hour export standard rice mill equipped with a full set of latest modern technology milling and reprocessing lines, triple polishing and double color-sorted, for export standard on 5 hectares of land located at Dongko district, Phnom Penh.
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