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Why Choose Us

  • All products from raw materials to final products are analyzed in our laboratory to ensure its best quality
  • We are a professional and experienced in paddies and rice production since 1984
  • We guarantee to provide the most competitive in both local and export price
  • We can pack our products from 2kgs up to 1000kgs with modern auto weighing scale and sewing machines to ensure precise scaling and neat double-threading bag closing.
  • We have a large standard factory equipped with a full set of latest modern technology milling and reprocessing lines for export standard, and it has capacity to produce 200 Tons of premium rice per day
  • We are a potential and good reputation rice producer and supplier both local and export market
  • We always stock our products, paddies and rice, to be ready in our warehouses for our customers’ purchase orders
  • We have cold separate warehouses equipped with air-conditioners for storing our products to ensure its freshness and quality.
  • We can produce all kinds of products rice, paddies, broken and bran that you order.
  • Our products are polished with sanitary water supplied from government.

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