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Black Glutinous Rice

Black Glutinous Rice, also call Black Sticky Rice, Black Sweet Rice, Black Waxy Rice, is a naturally sweet, dark rice (dark purple more than black) cultivar which has been bred to be particularly sticky and dense. Black sticky rice is unpolished, sticky rice, meaning the bran has not been removed, is purplish black in color and has a chewy texture. It has gamma oryzanal. Gamma Oryzanal is an antioxidant; helps reduce cholesterol, Triglycerides, sugar in blood cells. It is used in the cuisine of many Asian nations. Although the name implies that the rice contains gluten, it is actually gluten free, with “glutinous” being used in the sense of “sticky” in this instance. Many Asian markets stock this type of rice, and some larger stores do as well, especially in areas with a big Asian population. It is also a popular dish at many Asian restaurants, as a stand-alone food or as an element in a meal. It is good used for making rice products, cake, dessert and others food products

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