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Quality Control

In Cambodia, according to the research, there are about only 5% of total rice millers, which meet the international exporting standards and qualifications. We are proud to be recognized as one of them.

Since the quality of products is an essential element to compete in markets, all our production lines are equipped with the most advanced technology machineries. Total quality management (TQM) also plays an important role that we are concerned with. We have a Quality Control team who will always examine the quality of rice and other products to ensure there will not be any product defects.

To show how the company can step up to the high standard and trusted quality, the explanation will elaborate clearly about the processes below.

1. Paddy Rice Selection Process:

Generally, paddy rice is carefully chosen from farmers and middlemen by our inspectors who work on analyzing the types of rice and the level moisture. Then, the paddy rice is sent to remove stones and other non-grain materials.

2. Paddy Rice Drying Process:

After selected and analyzed, the paddy rice will be sent to a 150 tons/time indirect drying machine, which does not generate smoke. This machine ensures the products to have the right level of moisture, yet non-burned, odor free, and without changing color.


3. Husk Removal Process:

Dried paddy rice will be sent to husking machine with capability of 23 tons an hour. This machinery has the responsibility to remove the outer hull but retain the bran layer and produce cargo rice or brown rice, which is could be either intermediate or finished products.

4. Milling and Analyzing Process:

This is a combination stage, including removing non-grain materials, all or part of the bran and germ from the rough rice, polishing, and color sorting processes.

After this process, high quality white rice is produced. Through out the process, our lab technicians will always take care of the quality of rice and the requirements asked by customers.

*Customers can ask for customization in this process. E.g. < %5 broken

5. Packaging and Storing:

After making sure that all products meet the qualification, they are packed by semi-automatic weighing scale and double-threading sewing machine. This ensures the accuracy scaling and effectiveness of closing the packages, which are guaranteed clean. All the packaged products are stored in a hygienic room. Both packaging and storing processes are taken place in an air-conditioners storage room for safe and fresh guarantees

6. Loading Process:

All prestige products in our storage are ready to be loaded onto trucks or containers for exporting. Quality control team will be in charge of delivering fresh and excellent condition goods to our esteemed customers.
Premium quality is one of the essential promises that must be delivered to our customers and consumers.

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