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Service Introduction

Beside purchasing and supplying paddies and rice, Vong Bun Heng Rice Co., Ltd also serves you such as milling, drying, reprocessing, blending, packaging and other services. With our experiences and full sets of the latest export standard machinery, you will satisfy and confide in us.


  • Drying

  • Reprocessing

  • Blending

  • Milling

  • Packaging

• We have a large standard dryer machine having capacity to dry your wet goods amounting to 100 tons once.
• We guarantee the best quality of the out come products from our dryer, it is not broken, burned, smelled, yellowed or changed color.
• We can dry your goods to the desired moisture you want.

Drying Machine

1. Broken Deduction/ Addition : We can deduct or add the desired broken amount into the rice to make 0% - 35% broken rice and more.
2. Color Sorted and De-stoner Service : We can accurately once or double de-stone/sort any colors of your products with our standard machinery having capacity to sort 16 tons per hour.
3. Polishing Service : You can have your products single polished up to triple polished with sanitary water supplied from government
4. Husking Paddies : We can husk all kinds of paddies with our separated full set of export standard machinery having capacity to produce 20 tons per hour of husked rice, cargo rice.
5. Rice whitening : Milling to whiten your rice to be extra white and glossy or 5% - 100% brown rice.

• Blending 2 or more kinds of products to receive out come with desired accurate percentage each.
• We are the trustworthy company that World Food Programme (WFP) confides in and selects to blend the minimum amount up to 1% of vitamins into rice for donating to starvation people and for its other charity acts. The blending process is inspected and recognized by World Food Programme (WFP) and Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd (OMIC).
• Milling all kinds of sort, medium and long paddies without breaking your rice kernels for local and export quality.
• Milling paddies and rice to produce premium quality of 0% - 35% broken rice or more.
• Milling paddies and rice to make 5% - 100% brown rice.
• The rice can be single - triple polished with sanitary water supplied from government, single - double color sorted and de-stoned.

Milling Machine

• We equipped several sets of automatic weighing scales and sewing machines for packaging your products to ensures quickness, precise scaling and neat double-threading bag closing.
• We equipped several sets of plastic bag sealers and vacuum sealers.
• Packaging from 2kgs up to 1000kgs and more.
• You can have your products packaged into polythene woven bags or polythene woven plastic bags to protect it from insects, weather, moisture and others.

Packaging Machine

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